Knowing when to pause – a reflection

Mental health and well being awareness is becoming pervasive, and academia is no exception. I am writing this blog at 3.30pm, and I’ve just had a bath. A deep bubble bath, in which I read a few chapters of a gothic horror novel (Bone China if you’re interested). In the middle of the day, onContinue reading “Knowing when to pause – a reflection”

CALRG 2022 Conference Presentation

Conferences, poster sessions, mini-vivas… oh my! It’s been a busy few months. I’ve written and talked about my research, a lot. I’ve loved it. My most recent conference presentation was at The Open University’s Computer and Learning Research Group 2022 Conference. It was a great opportunity to share my research plans and as it wasContinue reading “CALRG 2022 Conference Presentation”

(nearly) 3 months in… a short reflection

I feel like I’ve been a PhD student forever, and at the same time I know I have barely started. The pile of reading is certainly not getting any smaller; I have to remind myself daily that it won’t for some time – and that is fine. That is the point. I have 10 yearsContinue reading “(nearly) 3 months in… a short reflection”

Getting started with Learning Analytics: a Literature Review

“What is learning analytics anyway?” I’ve answered this question a lot since starting my PhD 5 weeks ago, with varying degrees of eloquence. My go-to definition when writing assignments for my MA was: “LEARNING ANALYTICS is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learningContinue reading “Getting started with Learning Analytics: a Literature Review”

Learning new habits… reading online

I love books. I love the feel of a new book in my hands, I love the tactile experience of flicking through the pages to get a sense of the information or story to come. In the secret moments of hope during my PhD application phase, I imagined a montage of me merrily typing awayContinue reading “Learning new habits… reading online”

PhD – week 1

The first week of my PhD has certainly been a whirlwind, with a hugely positive experience getting started at The Open University happening alongside some very stressful work events. The good I was able to go to the OU Campus in Milton Keynes for the Graduate School Induction on 5 October, followed by the onlineContinue reading “PhD – week 1”

Information is not enough

It was this realisation that helped me focus my research interests for my MA from the wide field of learning analytics, to Learning Analytic Dashboards (LAD). Over the years at Training-by-Eos, the accountancy tuition company I co-founded to teach the ICAEW Case Study exam, we developed pages of information to answer the question “Why didContinue reading “Information is not enough”

FutureLearn ā€“ an innovation in MOOCs

An essay originally written for the examinable component of a (now defunct) Masters course, I evaluate the FutureLearn platform and its role in delivering Massive Open Online Courses. Whilst the essay structure was dictated by the course requirements and not necessarily one I would use now, I find it still to be a useful analysisContinue reading “FutureLearn ā€“ an innovation in MOOCs”