When I first began my MA in Online and Distance Learning, I had no idea of the breadth of information resources available. I have bookmarks across my devices, and can still struggle to find “that website that said that thing that I want to reference now.” My aim is to use this page as live curation of my favourite sources, and make it available to anyone else interested in online learning design and analytics.



    • David Cormier Blog… I fell in love with the idea of Rhizomatic Learning early on in my MA studies, and have quoted Cormier in many assignments.
    • Martin Weller Blog… The EdTechie blog is well established and regularly updated
    • OLDaily… A regular blog about topical online learning news, written by Stephen Downes. I subscribe and receive a summary once a week; there’s almost always something relevant to my work.
    • Tony Bates Blog... Another regularly updated and topical blog for those interested in online learning, with a huge collection of resources from author Dr Tony Bates.